The Simpsons Springfield Hack

The Simpsons Springfield Hack arrived to make your life easier and get all the premium items that have been discarded from the game.

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Homer Simpson has an accident at work, and cause an explosion devastates the city of Springfield. Now he needs your help to be able to rebuild the city. With the collaboration of some characters from the animated series, Homer Simpson offers you a fun game completely free construction that allows you to create your own Springfield.

Build your own city and help find Homer, Marge, Bart and the rest of your family and friends (including Ned Flanders, a friend lost.)

Complete all tasks to win the favorite foods of Homer Simpson: The famous donuts.
You can help the city to double its finances, building various activities that return money. The money earned, of course, will allow you to complete your city.

Requirements needed to run The Simpsons Springfield Hack

- Android or Apple
- Install this app to your cellphone
- After installed, planting a tree!

Last updated version of the hack.

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