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WolfTeam is a FPS with a proposal different from the others. In it, you are part of a troop of mercenaries top: the werewolves.

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The game features several game modes and is based on the engine of Counter-Strike, ensuring excellent playability and various scenarios at your disposal.

With high quality graphics and gameplay sensational, WolfTeam has all the ingredients to become your favorite FPS game. Enter a world of war that touches one of the greatest legends of our history: human x werewolves.

Charts WolfTeam have little detailed textures and medium resolution , something that should appeal to players looking to make the most of the potential of their computers . His proposal , however , is very interesting , and the ability to play as werewolves totally changes the gameplay experience , making it more dynamic.

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The gameplay is accurate , and the commands are quick to respond , allowing the gamer shoot clean shots to intercept your opponents . The instability in connections to Brazilian players due to latency difference was resolved . So you do not run the risk of having a match interrupted , and the response of the controls became more precise .

The music played on the screens and configuration selection is good and pleasing to the player , however , only sound effects are performed during matches . In turn , they are relatively realistic and serve faithfully to portray the events of WolfTeam . However , some specific sounds irritate others when in succession – for example, the same sentence after being told to kill someone.

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